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Masking is an effective mitigation measure, but not nearly as powerful as wide-spread vaccinations. All major health organizations agree that vaccinations are the way to defeat this (or any) pandemic and offer the surest path back to normal.

We continue to strongly encourage vaccination against COVID-19. We encourage employees and students, in consultation with their health professionals, to be fully vaccinated.

Updated November 9, 2021

Faculty and staff may require masks in their individual classrooms or personal offices and workspaces.

There are often compelling reasons for individual faculty and staff to maintain an extra measure of protection. It is vital that other members of the Berry community (students and employees) comply with these requests.

We know that there are individuals at Berry with greater health risks and COVID concerns. We encourage these individuals to wear masks as appropriate. Individuals who are not vaccinated should continue to wear masks because they are most at risk of being infected. 

Updated November 9, 2021

All students and employees are required to provide documentation regarding their COVID-19 status prior to returning to campus. Documentation must be in one of four forms:

  1. Proof of being fully vaccinated. All students are encouraged to upload proof of being fully vaccinated (copy of their CDC vaccination card) this summer before returning to campus: Please let us know also if you have received the first shot and are waiting to receive a second shot.
  2. Proof of a prior infection as demonstrated by a positive PCR test (and completion of the appropriate isolation period). Students who have had a positive PCR test for COVID-19 may submit that information, but vaccination is still encouraged for these students because research indicates it produces a strong immunity response to the aggressive Delta variant.
  3. A positive antibody test from a certified laboratory. Rapid antibody tests are not accepted.
  4. A current negative PCR test. Students will need to have been tested within 72 hours of arrival. Antigen tests are not accepted.

Updated August 17, 2021


Students and employees who have been fully vaccinated or have had COVID will not need to participate in weekly testing.

All unvaccinated students and employees will be required to participate in ongoing antigen or PCR tests for COVID-19 as directed by the college based on the current circumstances.

Updated November 9,, 2021

Varsity Athletics: The NCAA Sports Science Institute released its latest report and it is consistent with Berry’s current guidelines. The NCAA strongly encourages athletes to be vaccinated and offers different guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes and athletic staff. The Southern Athletic Association (SAA) will meet soon to determine requirements for fall sports competition.

Updated August 17, 2021

If a student (on-campus) exhibits symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19, that person should call the Health Center (706.236.2267). If a student (on-campus) feels sick but does not appear to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, that person should call the Health Center.

If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, that employee must inform the Human Resources office. If a family member residing with a Berry employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, that employee must inform the Human Resources office. If an employee exhibits symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19, that person should call their health care provider and contact the college’s Human Resources office.

In accordance with CDC and DPH guidelines, unvaccinated people who have been exposed to a positive case but don’t exhibit symptoms should:

  • Quarantine at home for 14 days (safest option)
  • Quarantine at home for 10 days and monitor for symptoms
  • Quarantine at home for 7 days with negative test (no earlier than Day 5) and monitor for symptoms

*Fully vaccinated individuals DO NOT need to quarantine, but should follow basic prevention measures and test 3-5 days after exposure. 

  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance
  • Avoid crowds
  • Wash hands frequently

Updated September 7, 2021

If there are positive cases on campus this fall, any infected students will need to isolate off campus. Exposed students who have not been vaccinated will need to quarantine off campus as well. Because the college is full this fall, rooms will not be available for isolation and quarantine and students will need to make arrangements at their own expense.

Vaccinated students and employees will not need to quarantine if exposed to a positive case and are asymptomatic. Testing is required 3-5 days after exposure.

Updated September 7, 2021

Our contact tracers will follow up with you after a positive test. It is generally 10 days if there are no continuing symptoms.

Updated September 7, 2021


With the college back in regular session, classes will not routinely be available via remote learning (e.g., Zoom).

Updated May 12, 2021

Berry will continue to monitor each location as well as CDC and State Department guidelines. Please contact the Director of International Experiences Elizabeth Davis,, with any questions.

Updated November 9, 2021

Students and employees who are fully vaccinated (two weeks past their final dose) may travel on college-related business. Employees should review CDC and State Department guidelines for personal travel.

Updated August 17, 2021


Director of Counseling Becca Smith and two counselors are available to students on campus. In addition, Berry offers tele-counseling services through Virtual Care. - free counseling services 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Updated August 17, 2021

Berry employees who may need help with feelings of stress or anxiety are encouraged to utilize our Employee Assistance Program through Unum. Details about that program can be found at or by calling 800.854.1446.

The Georgia COVID-19 Emotional Support Line provides 24/7 free and confidential assistance to callers needing emotional support or resource information as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emotional Support Line is staffed by volunteers, including mental health professionals and others who have received training in crisis counseling. The phone number to call is 866.399.8938.

Updated August 17, 2021


Berry has added new outdoor seating options for students, capitalizing on the popularity of dining outside. Be sure to visit for meal plan information, location and hours updates along with COVID-19 protocols and procedures for Fall 2021. Follow @berrydining on Instagram to stay up to date!

Updated August 17, 2021


The campus is open to the public for outdoor recreation.

Updated October 7, 2021

Yes. The Office of Admission is open for prospective students and parents to visit by appointment. Go to to schedule an on-campus visit or learn more about virtual options. If you have questions about your scheduled visit, feel free to contact us at or 800.237.7942.

Updated November 9, 2021

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